Portable Compressor |VIAIR 85P Air Compressor Review

portable compressor

Almost every regular person with a car understands how necessary it is to have an air compressor with. Usually, an air compressor is quit a heavy weight machine and if your garage is too small, then it must be a headache for you. As a solution of such problems, we are going to discuss on VIAIR Portable Compressor 85P. It’s compatible to use from either your car trunk or back of your truck. It’s very easy to use and you can plug it in anywhere in your householdFor whom is this product?s. Your waiting for the mechanic to come to your house and take the flat tire at the workshop has come to an end. Pump up your car’s tire for a temporary period with it and enjoy the ride yourself to the workshop. You can also pump up the baby pool for the kids and become a super daddy!

Let’s have a look on the detailed review about how effective and affordable it will be for you-

  • for whom is the product for?

Single car owners.

Aged persons who need a lightweight tool like this.

Adventure lover drivers.

Important Features

Portable and Lightweight: Surprisingly it weighs only 1 lbs which is not very common in Portable Compressor industry. You can get it right in the spot easily. This will reduce a lot of trouble in your workplace.Its long connecting wire gives you the freedom to move it around your yard. Its inner parts are strongly attached within, so moving it a lot won’t give you any trouble.

Power Efficient: It consumes less power comparing to its heavy duty. Its internal step-down transformer brings down the line voltage to 12-volts only. The armature coil is constructed with pure copper wire ensuring maximum conductivity. So the internal system loss is lesser than you think.

Faster Filling Capacity: This tiny looking device can fill a 31” tire within only a minute. Its super sensitive gauge meter shows you the pressure rate. The compressor stops itself when the target body is completely filled up. So you don’t have to worry about stopping it in time.

Silent and Less Vibrating: It’s a Portable Compressor with the least noise. It works silently. You won’t be needing an ear pluck. You can work peacefully and comfortably. Comparing to its efficiency, its vibration in neglectable.

Powerful and Highly Durable:The highly powerful inside motor has made the Portable Compressor a unique one. Using it for a long period won’t affect its performance. Advance fuse system provides maximum protection to the machine. It generates very low temperature when the engine is running and thus the internal components stay effective for a long time.

  • feature benefits

It’s power efficiency, so it will save your money by lessening the cost.

It's mobility function can serve you in many ways like, saving your time or reducing hard work.

Heavy duty internal components last long, so that you can be hassle free.

It works very much silently and this is good for your hearing.

Ultra-strong and water proof casing allows you to use it anywhere or in any weather.


  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • A solid, heavyweight and efficient compressor inside.
  • Fully portable and easy to keep it all the time in the car.
  • Solidly made pump works very fast.
  • The pump is well compatible with any car designed and doesn’t bounce.
  • Very accurate air gauge readings.
  • It can also be airing up air mattresses, basketball, etc.


  • It might have a great compressor but won’t last longer.
  • A little expensive paperweight.
  • Risky to use it without any vehicle power outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:Do you need to crank car engine before using or can you just turn car key to “accessory”position?

A:No, you don’t have to.

Q:Does it work for Toyota Prado?

A:Yes, it will. It works greatly any of the related products.

Q:How many minutes and then stop the machine?

A:You have to run it about 15 min before shutting down; it will enough time to complete the treatment. For better information, you can check out unit user manual.

Insider Tips About This Compressor:

Portable  compressor should use in the dry environment. Protect the product from rain, snow, or other sources of moisture. Do not disassemble. Do not attempt to modify or repair this unit. Never operate the compressor near the fire, flammable gas, and fluid. The portable air compressor will become very hot during or immediately after use. Be sure the power switch is off when the unit not in use.

At last,

The portable  compressor is an ultimate package with its remarkable features. It is fully portable we can carry it very easily and accurate pressure gauge, very fast compressor makes it impressive more. As a user of this unit I can say this product is a great gift of technology solid made the pump, works very fast, love to use the Portable air compressor and I want to recommend others too.If you need to know anything please contact us.