Pancake Compressor Review|PORTER-CABLE PCFP02003 3.5-Gallon 135 PSI

pancake compressor review

Reading the pancake compressor review and choosing the right product from online stores is one of the tough jobs.You can't be sure if the product is perfect or not. That is why you can read an honest review about the product. It will help you to make the decision and you can save your time. You can also waste your money by selecting the wrong product. Keeping that thing in mind, here I am writing the PORTER-CABLE PCFP02003 3.5-Gallon 135 PSI Pancake Compressor Review. Before starting to write the review, I have asked on some forums about this product. Guess what I got? Most of the customers have said it is the perfect one which they were searching for. I have also searched some customer reviews in online, and finally, I get the necessary data. Let me write the information which I have got from the research. I think I can help you to make the final decision.At first read our PORTER-CABLE PCFP02003 3.5-Gallon 135 PSI pancake compressor review.Let's start PORTER-CABLE PCFP02003 3.5-Gallon pancake compressor review and figure the core out....

  • whom is this product design for?

Professionals, who do a lot of air up or air cleaning job.

Travelers who travel a lot and need the backup for the tires.

Housewives who have to clean some accessories with high pressure of air.

Sports lover persons who have to air up sports accessories.

Bikers can also use this air compressor for instant air up the tires.

I think it will be better if I discuss the core features of the product. Let's read the main features.

I think it will be better if I discuss the core features of the product. Let’s read the main features.


Compact Design: PORTER-CABLE PCFP02003 is a perfect compact design pancake style air compressor. The weight of the compressor is only 26 pounds. With the handlebar of the compressor, you can move easily. It’s small in size and pancake shaped, so you can go anywhere carrying it. Because of the portable style; it can carry in a truck, in the trunk of most of the vehicles, airboats etc., and takes only a little space. Included legs in the compressor to pretend it from moving. For more safety, you can keep it in rubber mate.


No Maintenance: Where most of the air compressors need maintenance time and money, this model has solved this problem. Because of its oil free pump, there is no need of any maintenance of the air compressor. So you can save both time and money. You can follow some tips to run the compressor for a long time without any hassle. Every time after using the compressor, should completely drain. Otherwise, it can cause corrosion on the surface of the tank.


Functions of the Compressor: Using the PORTER-CABLE PCFP02003 air compressor is so easy. No matter if you are a new user. This model is a plug and plays air compressor. Simply connect the air hose with the tire and air up. Charging the compressor is also easy, just input the line into the socket and charge. Included gauges to indicate the outlet pressure and the stored tank pressure. Designed with a regulatory adjustor which is located in front of the gauges. So you can easily access it and adjust it.


Performance and Noise Level: This pancake air compressor can perform for a long time without any glitches. In the product description, the manufacturer has claimed that the maximum PSI is 135. This PCFP02003 compressor will pump 2.0 SCFM at 90 PSI. The compressor can touch the maximum level from zero within two minutes. The 3.5-gallon air tank ensures support for a long run. From the user experience, I can assure you it can air up eight vehicles tires with the fully loaded tank. This model makes less noise so you get a quiet work environment.


Warranty and Build Quality: The PORTER-CABLE PCFP02003 has constructed with durable and high-quality material for long live. This unit produced in the USA, so you can stay secured about the construction. If you stay concern about the care of the compressor, you can use it without annoyance. Though some customers have said the compressor line can make better. It is made of rubber instead of aluminum or steel. You will get a 1-year warranty with the product.


  • Durable and high-quality material.
  • Constructed at the USA.
  • Maximum PSI is 135.
  • Ultimate portable design for easy carry.
  • Easy to use and control.
  • Inexpensive air compressor.
  • Can be used for multi-function.
  • Perfect for home use and light automotive works.


  • Top-heavy design sometimes reduces the stability of the compressor, though there are legs included in it.
  • The plastic part of the regulator assembly can make some failures.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much noise does it make?

A: During the run time it makes up to 82db noise.

Q: Is warranty available?

A: Yes, one-year warranty available with the product.

Q: What is the maximum PSI?

A: The maximum PSI is 135.

Q: IS it perfect for professional automotive work?

A: This model can do the light automotive work but not the heavy duty.


I have tried my best to cover all the information it my PORTER-CABLE PCFP02003 3.5-Gallon 135 PSI Pancake Compressor Review. This model is the best small air compressor under 120. A lot of positive reviews of customers let you know this pancake compressor review model is really helpful. You can order one of it for your regular air up works. Just use it with some extra care to avoid any kind of major issues. If you need further information, comment below or contact us.