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Best Air Compressor Brands

The work of compressors is to operate the tools and inflate wheels within your workshop. In the current dispensation, an air compressor remains the most valuable asset. This is because it can turn your home or workshop into a productive and busy workplace. CPM, pressure, portability and power are some factors to help choose a good compressor. The best air compressor brands should be able to handle your projects without any damage.

1. Porter-Cable
Across the globe and in the USA, the Porter-Cable remains one of the most prominent saw producers. As a household brand, the Porter-Cable has been able to provide some of the best air compressors. When shopping for oil-free charge hotdog air compressors, give this manufacturer a try.

In the air compressor market, the Porter-Cable is a leading manufacturer. This is because of excellent customer support, complete warrantee plans and durable products. As one of the top air compressor brands in town, this company also unleashes diverse products. Another amazing thing about this air compressor producer is its cost-effective products.

2. DeWalt
best small air compressorIt is simpler to move air compressors when sticking wheels to them. Stronger wheels will work with larger air compressors to be effective performance. If your quest is for top-notch air compressors with wheels, then DeWalt remains a great choice. DeWalt has several years of expertise and experience in designing woodworking equipment.

When talking about high-end air compressors, DeWalt is also a leading producer. D55150, D55151 and D55168 are some of the durable compressors from DeWalt. By ensuring consistency, longevity and reputation of its products, this is a brand to buy. In recognition, Dewalt is one of the old air compressor brands around.

3. Makita
makita-mac2400-big-bore-2-5-hp-air-compressorHousehold resources & tools in general have put Makita among the best manufacturers around. The AC6001 compressor and AN5000 nailer are the premier flagships of Makita. Makita MAC5200 and MAC700 are some of the manufacturer’s products with a huge popularity. One great thing about Makita air compressors is that they remain durable.

Air compressors from Makita are energy effective and compact. Buyers shopping for air compressors with safety and high performance should visit Makita. The output of Makita air compressors is higher than most brands. Thanks to the unswerving piston and powerful cylinder this producer adds to compressors.

4. Campbell Hausfeld
Campbell Hausfeld air compressors are the most reliable in the industry. It is not because of the features or price, but compressors from this producer will handle your job. Air compressors from Hausfeld can allow and hold pressure at the same time. Campbell Hausfeld compressors are portable.

They come with a rubber grip and bigger wheels to ensure easy movement from place to place. The lifespan of products from this manufacturer is 4 times longer than rivals. One thing is sure for Hausfeld air compressors, they work two times quieter than other brands. These compressors come with a reliable design, large tank and 100 percent safety.

5. Bostitch
Even if you are on a budget, Bostitch will help you buy a reliable product. Apart from being affordable to buy, you can also find this brand with a plethora of features. Buyers will enjoy an oil-free electric motor, large tank and durable design. Are you planning to work in a harsh climatic condition?

Bostitch compressors have the capacity to withstand temperature and shock. If you want to handle outdoor tasks, Bostitch air compressors are the best. The extension cord that comes with these products makes it an ideal pitch for outdoors. The best budget air compressor to buy in the market today is Bostitch.

SENCO has been in the tool production business over sixty years. This company is one of the leading firms to count on for high-quality air compressors. SENCO also specializes in the production of fasteners, screw guns and staplers. From Cincinnati, Ohio, SENCO unleashes the beauty and elegance of professional air compressors.

Most of the air compressor products from SENCO glow with longevity and reliability. While it is not the best air compressor brand in the market, you not moan for investing your money. SENCO products are with full reliance, performance and credibility. There is peace of mind for investing in any SENCO air compressors.

7. Ingersoll Rand
Ingersoll Rand has been in business since 1871. It is one of the oldest companies dealing with golf carts and mining equipment. Ingersoll portable compressors are some of the best to find in the industry. Even with large industrial air compressors, you can always count on the work of Ingersoll.

The wide range of products emanating from this producer will keep you speechless. If you want a long-lasting and high-quality air compressor, then visit Ingersoll today. Ingersoll Rand will not comprise the quality of its air compressor for cost. This implies that you can only find reliable and high end compressors with Ingersoll.

With a fantastic air compressor, you will save money due to spare parts availability. The brands above are reliable, dependable, ergonomic, cost-effective, portable and durable. These products come with a great working condition and performance to make your project successful.

Review – Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor


If you are interested in Makita Mac2400 then you obviously have searched for Makita MAC2400 reviews around. We are not saying that you won’t find Makita MAC2400 reviews around but we are saying that this is the most completed one that you will find.

We want you to take a decision based on the information. The whole point of reading a review is so that you can take decision. Therefore, the Makita Mac2400 air compressor reviews should be able to help you reach there. Is it tough? Yes it is and thus, we made sure that your task is as simple as possible. So, if you are interested in proper Makita MAC2400 reviews, this is time to start reading.

Key Specifications

  • Great cylinder & piston to work makes an amazing engine
  • Very fast when it comes to delivery
  • Very low AMP draw
  • Large in size and can do heavy tasks
  • Efficient and durable which means you won’t have to worry about compressing anything for a long time if you choose this one

Core Features of Makita Mac2400

If feature is your concern, then you are going to like this part of the Makita Mac2400 air compressor reviews. There are countless features that this unit offers and most are great features which is another reason of why people like this one.

Powerful Pumping

We want the pumping to be perfect when we go for an air compressor and oh boy, it is perfect. The powerful 2.5 HP motor makes sure that you always get the exact power that you are looking for from this unit. The unit works very fast without creating much noise (though there will always be a bit of noise).

The pump can take up to 130 PSI and can easily deliver up to two different units at one time. You do not get that type of service from a regular compressor. This is an industrial level compressor that can also work for household duties. That is the perfect combination that we all look for.

Great Design

Great design doesn’t mean that the Makita Mac 2400 has beautiful colors. The blue color is pleasant and that is all about it that we want. But apart from that, the design is pretty decent. The handle is at the front which makes it easier for you to carry the unit around. There are some compressors out there which are light but tough to carry due to bad handle placement. You do not have to worry about that issue when you are going for Makita Mac 2400.

Industrial Application

makita-mac2400-big-bore-2-5-hp-reviewsWhen we think about Makita, we think about air compressors that can carry huge load. Being a great priced model, this is another example of that nature. The unit can carry huge pressure and that is why it is considered as an industrially applicable unit.

The machine can easily work all day without facing any trouble. It doesn’t take a lot of power to work either. If you have lots of pumping needs, then there is hardly any better solution out there than this one for you. Even if you do not need it to do a ton, it still works perfectly fine.


  • Very easy to work with
  • Plastic made but still durable enough
  • Easy to carry with great handle placement
  • No tension of leaks
  • Will always deliver quality work


  • Can be a bit noisy at times
  • A bit heavier than other units


Q1. Does it offer warranty?

A1. Yes, it offers 1 year of warranty in case if you face any technical issues with the model. It also offers 30 days of replacement guarantee which means that if you are not happy, you can always get your money back or replace it.

Q2. Can it air truck tires?

A2. Definitely, it can. If you have a tractor or a truck, you will not have to work more than ten minutes max to air all the tires of your vehicle with this unit.

Q3. What kind of hose will I need for this one?

A4. You will need ½ airline though you can also work with ¼ and 3/8 units.

Q4. What is the dimension of this unit?

A4. The dimension is around 20 inch times 18.8 in terms of height. It will fit the trunk of your car and you can also easily keep it to any storage area.

Final Verdict

All in all, this is a decent product to go for. As you already read the review, you know by now that this is something that offers everything a bit. Therefore, it can be considered as an all rounder of the industry. If you are looking for something with a great PSI compromising the durability for example, then this is not the model for you.

This is a model that can satisfy everyone being a feature friendly one that comes at a decent price. The price is a bit higher but the quality matches up to the expectation too.

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