P.I. Auto Store Premium Digital Tire Inflator – Electric 12v DC Portable Auto Air Compressor

best 12-volt air compressor

Sometimes your car can be frustrating. A tire or two can deflate at the most inconvenient of moments and places. However, with the best performing portable air compressor, you have no reasons worry. P.I. Auto Store Premium Digital Tire Inflator is a nifty device that includes quite versatile accessories, and works well with various types of tire pressure valves, and will also robust performance when in action. It is suitable for inflating air mattresses for camping, for say. If you need one, you will be safe selecting theP.I. Auto Store Premium Digital Tire Inflator (Electric 12v DC Portable) Auto Air Compressor.It's considered as the best portable air compressor of modern times. Your best 12-volt air compressor can help you with a broad range of small jobs, from inflating tires to bike and pumping up your son's basketball or football.

  • whom this product is for

Car owners.

Sports equipment handlers.

DIYers and Home users.

Important Features:

Battery poweredWhen other compressors need an external power source to operate, this model works on internal battery power. So at any condition or any place you can pump your car tires without any tension thanks to the best portable compressor.

Fast and powerful: Capable of inflating any mid-sized car tire from flat to 30 Psi in under 4 minutes time-span. Max pressure is 150 Psi. It's Heavy duty compact design made ofhigh-quality materials and world-class manufacturing techniques which will ensure long service life.

Easy to use: P.I. Auto Store Premium Digital Tire Inflator has Microprocessor chips inside which monitors tire pressure, automatically stops at the precise pressure you set before on the display gauge. Working Accuracy ±1 Psi. Has Super bright 8 xLEDs can switch settings from - off mode,flashlight, flashing red, and SOS.

Versatile: It can be Uses for Cars, Bikes, Motorcycles, SUV, and Trucks. Sports Equipment which can be inflated (volleyball basketball football). It's the Best in its class reaching over 13 feet wire access. Connection to household supply is also easier with theAC/DC Adapter which makes it the portable & best 12-volt air compressor .

Design improvements: Upon the review from users, several improvements have been made in the new edition like improved screw thread grip,Additional fuse to protect thedeviceand extendedpowercord.

  • in the box of feature

The best portable compressor has some gifts for you in the box which are totally free. Eight dust caps and a tire care guide, spare fuse, carry bag and an instruction manual. To buy these features separately, you may need to spend some money but with this purchase, you are getting it for free.

It is lightweight and can easily be used anytime, anywhere.

P.I. Auto Store Premium Digital Tire Inflator which is the best portable compressorfunctions only by using your car battery or by your vehicle's cigarette lighter or by itself.

Refilling the tire will cost less money.

It can fill up any mid range tires in 4 minutes with a capability of 150psi.

Different LED bulbs are attached to give you real-time.

A to Z durable materials like high-impact plastics and reinforced hose ensures perfect stability.

100% satisfactory guarantee means you can reject the product if not satisfied.


  • Carry handle (easy to transport with one hand).
  • Computer monitored.
  • Can be used both AC and DC mode.
  • Lightweight( only 2lbs).


  • Ac adapter is sold separately although cheap.
  • Carrying case may be flimsy and small.


Q:Does this take a battery or plug into a  power outlet?

A:No. It comes with a car cigarette lighter plug.

Q:Does it lose air when unscrewing high-pressure connections?

A:It does lose a little but not to cause any trouble

Q:Is the case a hard shell?

A:No, it’s a soft backpack material

Q:Can I inflate kiddy pools with it?

A:You can. The nozzle can be fitted in different diameters.


Insider Tips:

“P.I. Auto Store Premium Digital Tire Inflator – Electric 12v DC Portable Auto Air Compressor” is a rare digital tire inflator. You can just press the button and set how many PSI you need to set to your tire and wait for it. No more bouncing needles to check tire pressure from time to time. You can tell this unit is well built because you can feel the weight density when you carry the best portable compressor for the first time. It is not advised to put it in a humid weather because the microcontrollers can malfunction.So this is the best best 12-volt air compressor  in marketplace.



The above best 12-volt air compressor can be the perfect companion for you on and off the road. It offers you the maximum flexibility when it comes to saving your car tire. This small, light and highly portable compressor with a decent PSI and CFM figure is admired by thousands of customers. So taking all the criterion into account, I’d like it the best portable air compressor.Feel Free to contact with us.