Air Compressor Safety| Top 10 Tips For Using.

air compressor safety


Latest air compressors are modern technological machine usually it needs gas.electricity or fuel to compress air perfectly.It always needs regular maintenance and good care to function perfectly.Avoid Causing any harm you have to operate a air compressor carefully and also maintain the safety guide and the equipment .Air compressor safety is the main thing before using it.

So,I've made a proper instruction for air compressor safety :

  • At first protect your face and eyes by wearing goggles or face mask.At the time of cleaning air compressor parts like nozzles,blowguns please keep the pressure limit not more than 30PSI which is according to OSHA( Occupational Safety and Health Administration)rules and regulations.
  •  Never use compressed air as a prank on anyone or any animal. Compressed air, even at a pressure as low as 15 PSI, can bring severe damage and injury to human or animal body. So avoid pointing the hose towards anyone and do not use it to ward off the dirt from clothing or body.
  • For the air receivers, use only and only standardized pressure vessels.
  • Call a trained technician for inspection your compressor if you think you can't handle the maintenance of the compressor.
  • Don't use flammable materials or fuels like kerosene at the time of cleaning the compressor.Every time remove the air system at the time of cleaning.
  • At the time of buying keep a look at manufacturer data of the compressor unit for the:-                                                                                                                                                            1:Max speed of operating .                                                                                                    2: Max operating pressure.                                                                                                    3:Max suitable temperature
  • Compressor tank must have manhole which's diameter more over 36 inches.It also have inspection and pipe lug openings.For interior inspections tanks must have removal intake and exhaust pipes.At the bottom of the air receiver there should have a a drain cork.It can drain out the receiver as needed.
  • Always use gasoline or diesel as duel for outdoor or work site.
  • Keep looking for original and ratings equal to the highest pressure for the unit compressor at the time of buying accessories like pipes ,nozzles,hoses,fittings etc
  • A air Receiver should have the following things:                                                                                                                                                   1: A Pressure Gauge                                                                                                                 2:Drain Cork                                                                                                                               3:A spring loaded safety release                                                                                              valve(ASME)


After reading this, you must be able to work with your compressor unit safely and knowing the safety. Do not just read it;apply it practically for air compressor safety. Give your comments in the section below if you need to know anything